Legalization services
Updated information

  • Prior to legalization, documents should be authenticated by the designated authorities in the country where the documents were issued or signed.
  • All documents should be authenticated by the issuing country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the exception of the certificate of origin and invoices. Certificate of origin and invoices may be authenticated by the issuing country’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • Applicants residing in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland wishing to apply for legalization by post, should enclose a self-addressed prepaid envelope (registered delivery) in order for the consulate to return the document.
  • The exact amount of fees of legalization should be paid in advance in Swedish krona (SEK) to the Embassy bank account  in Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB)
    Account no: 52771107708.
    For international payment use
    Iban number: SE 19 5000 0000 0527 7110 7708
    Bic code: ESSESESS.
    The consulate does not accept any payments made by cheques and requests proof of payment in order to process any legalization request.
  • Processing time for the legalization of documents is two working days.

    *** Please note that the Embassy holds no responsibility for the loss of documents sent by post.


{with effect from 1 November 2019}
Legalization   SEK
certificate of origin 675
commercial invoice 450
manifest certificate 675
birth certificate 225
other certificates, contracts and power of attorney 225
Consular matters
Documentation of General and Specific Powers of Attorney 225
Certifying seal of a work visa 225
Certifying a true copy of a document 225

All bank charges (if depositing from outside Sweden) must be paid by the applicant.